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Garage Tec Garage Door Repair Fort Worth offers same day garage door repair anywhere in Fort Worth, Texas, and nearby cities. Residential & Commercial custom garage door installation and repair services for all major garage door and garage door opener brands anywhere in the DFW area!


We service and carry all major brands of garage door openers, springs, and panels. Our springs are guaranteed for 2 years. We also offer emergency garage door repair services anywhere in Fort Worth, or Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, as well as new doors installation, repairs of panels, and spring replacements for any overhead door. For more information please click on the call now button!

Garage Door Off Tracks

GARAGE DOOR OFF TRACKS Garage Door hanging off track? If that is the case, the first thing you should do is stop operating it. Each use can cause additional, and in some cases serious damage which requires replacement parts and professional experience / tools. In case there hasn’t been serious damage you might be able to pull the door back into its place again, however, in case you find yourself unable to do so, Garage Tec Fort Worth are capable and willing to help get your door back on its track!

Garage Door Openers

 INSTALLATION AND REPAIR FOR ALL GARAGE DOOR & GARAGE DOOR OPENER BRANDS ANYWHERE IN DFW! Installation, Replacement, & Repair of Garage Doors in DFW Garage Tec Fort Worth offers a full range of garage door opener services. We provide our customers with anything from garage door opener repair, to garage door opener replacement, new installations, as well as full maintenance & diagnostics on your existing garage door opener for any type of system, belt-drive, chain-drive, screw mount, or jackshaft! We service all brands of garage door opener and keep a stock of most common garage door openers by brands such as Liftmaster, Craftsman, Genie, Chamberlain, and many more. We are a mobile service, and our service area covers anywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Garage Door Openers Common Variations Garage Tec Fort Worth carries and installs a wide variety of garage door openers from all major manufacturers. The available feature of these garage door openers varies based upon model and manufacturer, including such features and remote control, keyless openers, [...]

Garage Door Panel Sectional Replacement

Garage Door Panel Sectional Replacement Service Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Garage Tec Fort Worth understand that the garage door is one of the main entry points to most houses. As such, it cant be left damaged or opened. In cases such as these we offer garage door panels replacement sectionals. We can come to your home quickly and easily, and replaced the damage or broken sectional panels no matter the cause. In case you have 2 more more section panels to replace, it is often more valuable to replace the entire garage door. Should I get my Garage Door Panel Replaced? Depending on the age, condition, and other factors, you might want to consider replacing your garage door panel. For example, your garage door panel might be slightly bent and causing the garage door system to gam at times while opening it, risking other issues or damages as a result. Another reason might be age of the panel, or color. If a garage door sectional panel seems old, rusty, or just banged up, you often might want to [...]

Garage Door Repair

GARAGE DOOR CABLE REPAIR A visual inspection can assist detect cases of failing cables prior to it being an issue. However, the Garage door cables serve several purposes. The primary purpose of this cable is to lift, and is attached to the bottom of the garage door directly to the counter balance spring as is required by each type of counterbalance for each garage door. These cables might also be used as retaining cables, and is meant to assist in preventing your extension springs from falling or worst shooting across your garage if it breaks. Needless to say, your system cannot operate properly without them, and replacing such cables requires specific hardware and tools.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Garage Tec Fort Worth Garage Torsion Springs Replacement in Dallas Fort-Worth At Garage Tec Fort Worth we fully understand that the torsion springs of the garage door are one of most common parts to give in your garage door system. The torsion spring supports the whole weight and pressure of your garage door, which is needless to say very heavy. After prolonged use, the springs begin to show signs of wear and tear by stretching. The average lifespan of a torsion spring is 10,000 cycles. That is why we offer emergency garage door services in cases of broken torsion springs, as well as safety inspections and replacements. All torsion springs we offer for sale are high grade, and unavailable to the public for sale. They are Galvanized wires, each calibrated and with rust inhibitors. Each torsion spring we sell is covered under our warranty for 2 years, and will usually last for about 50-100,000 cycles. We offer Torsion Spring Replacement Services anywhere in Dallas or Fort Worth. Including but not absolutely not limited to Plano, Rockwell, Rowlett, Alan, Irving, Addison, Arlington, Mckinney, Frisco, Wylie, and many more! [...]

Why Choose Garage Tec Garage Door Repair Fort Worth Services?

All of our techs are experienced and have been around in the business for a long time. We are a trust Dallas Garage Door Service and Installer. Here is why:

  1. We are LOCAL
  2. We are INSURED
  3. Our vehicles are marked
  4. We have repaired garage door openers, replaced broken garage door torsion springs and replaced broken garage door panels for over 1,500 HOMES UP TILL NOW
  5. We have collectively 30,000 MAN-HOURS OF EXPERIENCE in the garage door service industry.
  6. We fix broken springs for all garage door systems, residential or commercial overhead doors.
  7. We are able to handle all the brands and models of garage door & garage door openers includes the ones that other garage door companies wont mess with.
  • We are locally owned and operated
  • All our technicians are our employees
  • We are professionals & courteous
  • We are open 365 DAYS A YEAR
  • We offer insurance ON ALL WORK PERFORMED BY US!

We use top brands created by industry-leaders that were built to last and perform. All of our repair and replacement parts are carefully selected with our customers’ needs in mind. We use parts that impress us – such as anti-rust hardware and enduring springs – as these are important features that can help assure your garage door stays in good, working condition as long as possible. Regardless of the weather, we are there for you! We offer emergency and same day services every day of the week, year round. Customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer your questions and get you on our schedule. Call us today to see why we are the best in DFW!
Affordable Service, Quality Work

High quality service and products aren’t really that great unless you also get an excellent, affordable price. We do everything we can to help our customers save money, and we’re happy to lay out all options for you and discuss financial constraints. We also offer specials, discounts, and coupons year round to help minimize your cost (and boost your satisfaction!) while continuing to deliver the best possible garage door solution to all of DFW.


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