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 We like to proudly say our company stands out as one of the leading Garland garage door repair companies with a full list of Garland garage door services  to offer to our community. Our dedicated team excels in offering expert garage door repairs, stylish installations, and custom garage install solutions. We’re committed to enhancing the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of your garage doors.

Whether facing urgent repairs or planning an upgrade, Garage Tec ensures top-notch garage door services with a customer-focused approach, making us the go-to choice in Garland for all your garage and gate needs.

Local & Fast Emergency Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repair in Garland: Fast and Effective

We are your trusted partner for Garland garage door repair services in  Our skilled garage door technicians tackle a wide range of garage door issues swiftly, focusing on restoring functionality and ensuring your garage door operates smoothly. We recognize the importance of a reliable garage door for your home’s security and daily routine, making prompt and effective repairs our top priority.

We understand that each garage door repair requires a unique approach. Our team is equipped to address various issues, from mechanical malfunctions to electronic glitches. We focus on providing long-term solutions that enhance your garage door’s performance and longevity, ensuring your satisfaction with every repair.

Garland Garage Door Installation: Aesthetic and Functional Excellence

Professional Garland garage door installation services that add style and functionality to your home. Our selection of garage doors ranges from modern designs to classic styles, catering to your aesthetic preferences and security needs.

Aiming to make the installation process seamless for every customer, involving meticulous planning and execution for a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Our garage door installation services in Garland are tailored to meet your specific needs. We assist you in choosing the ideal garage door that complements your home’s architecture while providing durability and efficiency.

Every garage door installation is handled with care, ensuring that your new garage door not only looks great but also operates flawlessly.

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    Understanding Garage Door Springs: Types, Maintenance, and Replacement

    Garage door springs are critical components that play a key role in the opening and closing mechanism of your garage door. They counterbalance the weight of the door, making it easier to open manually or by an automatic opener. Proper understanding, regular maintenance, and timely replacement of garage door springs are essential for ensuring the functionality, safety, and longevity of your garage door system. Here, we explore different types of Garland garage door springs, how to maintain them, and what to consider when they need replacing.

    Common Types of Garage Door Springs In Garland, TX.

    Torsion Springs Torsion springs are mounted on a stationary metal shaft located above the garage door opening and are some of the most commonly used springs for residential garage doors. These springs are available in several sizes and lengths to match the door weight and size. As the door is lowered, cables attached to the bottom corners of the door cause the springs to wind up, storing energy. When the door is opened, this energy is released, helping to lift the door.

    Extension Springs Extension springs are mounted on either side of the door and stretch out when the door is closed via cables that run from the springs to the bottom corners of the door. These springs balance the door, making it easy to open and close. They are generally used for lighter doors and are more visible than torsion springs when the door is closed.

    Family Owned & Ooperated Garland Garage Door Repairs & Installs

    Our technicians recommend and offer year-round maintenance solutions to keep your garage door operating smoothly every day. We recommend a once-a-year service for your home; it only takes an hour, and we are available any day, rain or shine.

    Garage Door Maintenance: Ensuring Longevity and Reliability

    Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the longevity, safety, and efficient operation of your garage door. At Garage Tec Automatic Gates & Garage Door Repair, located in Garland, TX, we understand the importance of keeping your garage door in top condition. Properly maintained garage doors not only function better but are also safer and can save you money on costly repairs in the long run.

    Importance of Regular Maintenance

    A garage door is one of the largest moving parts in your home and is used daily. This frequent use puts a lot of wear and tear on the cables, rollers, springs, and other door components. Regular maintenance helps in preventing breakdowns that can cause inconvenience or even pose safety hazards. It ensures that every part of your garage door system is working correctly, which enhances the system’s longevity and improves home security.

    What Does Garage Door Maintenance Include?

    Visual Inspection: The first step in garage door maintenance is a thorough visual inspection of all components. Our skilled technicians at Garage Tec will check for signs of wear and tear, inspecting springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and mounting hardware. We look for fraying cables, loose bolts, bent or misaligned tracks, and worn rollers.

    Lubrication: Proper lubrication is essential for the smooth operation of your garage door. All moving parts of the door, including hinges, rollers, tracks, and springs, should be lubricated regularly to keep them running quietly and smoothly. Using the correct type of lubricant is crucial; we typically recommend a silicone-based lubricant as it does not attract dirt and debris.

    Additional Garage Door Maintenance Solutions 

    Garage Door Balance Test
    : A garage door should be properly balanced. An unbalanced garage door can strain the garage door opener and make it wear out faster. Our technicians perform a balance test by disconnecting the opener and manually moving the door halfway up. If it doesn’t stay in place, it may indicate that the springs are improperly balanced and need adjustment.

    Reversing Mechanism Test: Since 1993, garage doors are required to have a reversing mechanism to prevent the door from closing on a person or object. We test this safety feature by placing an object like a piece of wood on the ground in the door’s path. If the door does not reverse when it contacts the object, immediate repairs are necessary.

    Photo Eye Test: Modern garage doors are equipped with photo eye sensors that prevent the door from closing if an object interrupts the beam between the sensors. Our technicians check the alignment of these sensors and ensure they are clean and unobstructed.

    Weatherstripping and Seals: Checking and replacing the weatherstripping around the garage door is also part of maintenance. This not only keeps out debris, pests, and weather but also helps in energy conservation by preventing air leaks.

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    Commercial Garage Door Services in Garland, TX

    In Garland, Texas, businesses rely on functional, durable, and secure commercial garage doors to protect their assets and streamline their operations. At Garage Tec Automatic Gates & Garage Door Repair, we understand the unique needs of commercial clients and offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet these demands. Whether your business requires robust security measures, energy-efficient doors, or custom solutions, our team of experts is equipped to handle all aspects of commercial garage door services.

    Our Commercial Garage Door Install & Repair Services Include:

    Installation Services

    • Custom Solutions: We provide customized garage door installations that align with your business’s specific requirements, whether you need oversized doors, high-speed doors, or fire-rated doors.
    • Wide Range of Materials: Choose from a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, and insulated doors, each offering different benefits in terms of durability, security, and energy efficiency.
    • Professional Installation: Our team ensures a seamless installation process from start to finish, minimizing disruption to your business operations.

    Commercial Garland Garage Repair Services

    • 24/7 Emergency Repairs: We understand that a malfunctioning garage door can significantly disrupt your business. Our emergency commercial garage door repair services ensure that your doors are back in operation as quickly as possible.
    • Comprehensive Repairs: From broken springs and snapped cables to malfunctioning openers and damaged panels, we handle all types of repairs, ensuring your doors are secure and fully functional.
    • Regular Maintenance Contracts: Opt for our maintenance contracts to keep your garage doors in optimal condition, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs and extending the lifespan of your doors.

    Safety and Compliance

    • Safety Inspections: Regular inspections to ensure that your commercial garage doors comply with local safety standards and regulations, helping you avoid legal and financial liabilities.
    • Upgrades for Compliance: We can upgrade your existing doors to meet safety codes and insurance requirements, incorporating features such as auto-reversal systems and manual emergency controls.

    Advanced Security Features For Your Commercial Garage Doors 

    • Access Control Systems: Integrate sophisticated access control systems with your garage doors to enhance security and monitor access points, crucial for businesses handling sensitive information or valuable goods.
    • Custom Security Solutions: Depending on your business type and security needs, we can install additional features like reinforced locking mechanisms, security grilles, or shatterproof windows.

    Custom Garland Garage Door Services: Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

    We understand that every home has its own unique style and functional requirements. That’s why we offer custom garage door services designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of each homeowner. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal, increase security, or incorporate smart technology, our custom solutions are crafted to integrate seamlessly with your home’s existing design and lifestyle.

    Why Opt for Custom Garage Doors?

    Aesthetic Appeal: A garage door often represents a significant portion of your home’s exterior. Custom garage doors allow you to match the architectural style of your home or even serve as a standout feature, enhancing overall curb appeal. Choose from a wide range of materials, designs, and finishes to create a look that complements your home beautifully.

    Fit and Functionality: Not all openings are standard sizes, and sometimes a home requires a specific set of functionalities. Custom doors can be designed to fit unique sizes and shapes, ensuring perfect functionality and integration. Whether you need a higher door for tall vehicles or a non-traditional shape to align with architectural details, custom solutions provide the perfect fit.

    Material Selection: With custom garage doors, you can select materials that not only fit your style but also suit your climate and lifestyle needs. Options range from classic wood for a warm, traditional feel to contemporary materials like fiberglass or aluminum that offer durability and low maintenance.

    Advanced Technology Integration: Customize your garage door with the latest technologies for convenience and security. This includes built-in smart home capabilities, high-grade insulation options, or enhanced safety features. Customize your access systems to include keypad entries, smartphone connectivity, and automatic closing features.

    Our Custom Garage Door Services Include:

    Consultation and Design: Our process begins with a detailed consultation to understand your specific needs and preferences. Our experts will guide you through the design process, helping you choose the right materials, styles, and features that best suit your home and lifestyle.

    Precision Engineering and Manufacturing: We use the latest technology and the finest materials to manufacture your custom garage door. Our attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the door is crafted to the highest standards, from the structural integrity to the aesthetic finishes.

    Professional Installation: Installing a custom garage door is a precise operation that requires expertise and experience. Our team of skilled technicians ensures that your new door is installed with precision, ensuring smooth operation and alignment. We also handle the removal and disposal of your old garage door if necessary.

    Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Custom garage doors, like all mechanical systems, require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to function optimally. We offer comprehensive maintenance services and are always available to provide support and repairs as needed.

    Garage Tec: Garland’s Go-To for Affordable Garage Door Services

    Residential Garage Door Services:

    • New Garage Door Installation
    • Residential Garage Door Repair
    • Sectional Garage Door
    • Raised Panel/Flush Sandwich Door
    • All-Steel Sandwich Carriage House Door
    • Pre-Finished Steel Carriage Doors
    • Craftmaster Overhead Doors
    • Aluminum Full-View Door
    • Glass Garage Door
    • Custom Residential Garage Door
    • Roller Shutter Door
    • Side Hinged Door
    • Silvelox Door

    Commercial Garage Door Services:

    • Commercial Garage Door Installation
    • Commercial Garage Door Repair
    • Commercial Overhead Doors
    • Sectional Garage Door
    • Raised Panel/Flush Sandwich Door
    • All-Steel Sandwich Carriage Door
    • Pre-Finished Steel Carriage Doors
    • Craftmaster Overhead Doors
    • Aluminum Full-View Door
    • Garage Door Conversion
    • Roller Shutter Door
    • Side Hinged Door
    • Silvelox Door

    Garage Door Repair Services:

    • Emergency Garage Door Service
    • Same-Day Garage Door Repair
    • Adjustment & Balancing
    • Broken Springs Replacement
    • Cables Repair and Replacement
    • Hinges Repair and Replacement
    • Maintenance and Inspection
    • Off-Track Repair
    • Overhead Repair
    • Panel Selection and Replacement
    • Rollers Repair and Replacement
    • Sensors Adjustment and Replacement
    • Torsion Springs Replacement
    • Weather Stripping Replacement

    Garage Door Opener Services:

    • Garage Door Opener Repair
    • Garage Door Opener Installation
    • Garage Door Opener Maintenance
    • Remote Battery Replacement
    • Remotes Programming
    • Garage Door Opener Brands:
      • Liftmaster
      • Chamberlain
      • Craftsman
      • Genie (Drive, Belt, Screw, Chain, Direct)

    Automatic Gate Services:

    • Automatic Gate Installation
    • Automatic Gate Repair
    • Automatic Gate Maintenance
    • Automatic Gate Opener Repair
    • Automatic Gate Opener Installation

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